Licenses.licx File Problems
Date:7/28/2009 2:19:21 PM
Product:ActiveGanttVBN Gantt Chart / Scheduler Component
Framework:.Net Framework 2.0
Version:Not sure
User's Development Environment:Visual Basic .Net 2003
Subject:Problems with the Licenses.licx File

I recently had my laptop replaced. After the replacement, I am trying to compile a project that uses AGVBN.DLL and XTTVWVBN.DLL and the build produces the following error:

C:\COMPASS\COMPASS_WOPlanning\COMPASS_WOPlanning\licenses.licx Could not transform licenses file 'licenses.licx' into a binary resource. (1) : error LC0004 : Exception occured creating type 'System.ComponentModel.LicenseException'

What do I need to do to eliminate this error? Are there missing registry entries?



Simply copying AGVBN.dll and XTTVWVBN.dll to your new development computer will not work. In order to develop an application using ActiveGantt a design time license that is contained in the registry must be installed. You have to run the setup again for the ActiveGantt component in your development computer. Runtime users of the component do not have this problem.

Also when your having problems with licenses.licx it is better to delete the file from within Visual Studio and have it recreate it for you. In the VS solution explorer click on the Show All Files icon, select the licenses.licx file and press the Delete key, the file will be erased from disk and from the solution.


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