Downloading the Gantt Chart Demo
Date:7/16/2009 7:44:23 AM
Product:ActiveGanttVB Scheduler Component
Framework:Visual Studio 6.0
User's Development Environment:Visual Basic 6.0
Subject:Demo version download

I was attempting to download the demo version of AGVB and wasn't able to. Here is what I did:

1. Browsed to this page

2. Clicked the Download link on the left hand side (between Products and Documentation)

3. Clicked the Download button on this page, accepting all default settings

4. The browser thought about it for a while and then displayed a webpage of garbage but no download.

I tried with Safari and Firefox running on Windows XP Professional sp3.



Safari and Firefox are trying to display the zip file as an HTML page instead of downloading it. It can be an error in the configuration of the browser. Try using Internet Explorer. If that does not work try downloading from another computer.


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