ControlClick event for the Gantt Chart
Date:4/21/2009 4:34:25 AM
Product:ActiveGanttVB Scheduler Component
Framework:Visual Studio 6.0
User's Development Environment:XBase++

METHOD dlgGant:ControlClick(Sender, kEventTarget, nIndex, nPIndex, nX, nY,
debugout(kEventTarget, nIndex, nPIndex, nX, nY, nButton)

If I click inside the gantt the ControlClick event gets the following parameters passed:

3th col 3th row : 3, 3, 135.00, 87.00, 1, NIL, 3th col 4th row : 3, 4, 69.00, 105.00, 1, NIL, 3th col 10th row: 3, 10, 102.00, 228.00, 1, NIL, 2nd col 13th row: 2, 13, 39.00, 294.00, 1, NIL, 1st col 13th row: 1, 13, 12.00, 294.00, 1, NIL, taskbar 2nd row : 3, 0, 494.00, 65.00, 1, NIL, 
no taskbar      : no event

You can see:

1. nPIndex is not passed instead the X-position of mouse is passed 2. kEventTarget is the really target acc. E_EVENTTARGET instead it is the column 3. nIndex is the row 4. a click at a task fires the EVT_MILESTONE event and the nIndex is 0.



Certain events handle those events for several different objects. We did this because it would be far more complicated to do for example:



So it is very important to do a select case in these events that have ActiveGanttVB.E_EVENTTARGET

Private Sub ActiveGanttVBCtl1_ControlClick(ByVal EventTarget As ActiveGanttVB.E_EVENTTARGET, ByVal ObjectIndex As Long, ByVal ParentObjectIndex As Long, ByVal X As Single, ByVal Y As Single, ByVal Button As Integer)
    Select Case EventTarget
            ActiveGanttVBCtl1.Milestones.Item(ObjectIndex).Caption = ""
            ActiveGanttVBCtl1.Tasks.Item(ObjectIndex).Caption = ""
    End Select
End Sub

As you can see the E_EVENTTARGET determines the type of object that raises the event.


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