View/TimeLine objects in the Gantt Chart
Date:4/19/2009 12:06:26 PM
Product:ActiveGanttVB Scheduler Component
Framework:Visual Studio 6.0
User's Development Environment:Xbase++

I'm testing the gant activeX control for VB. I'm little confused about the view/timeline. How to do the settings for the attached timeline work? I need a timeline where the upper is the month and the lower are the days.



This is the code that will do exactly that, by hidding the TickMarkArea:

Private Sub Form_Load()
    ActiveGanttVBCtl1.Views.Add "30n", "1h", E_TIERTYPE.ST_MONTH, ST_WEEK, E_TIERTYPE.ST_DAY, "NV"
    ActiveGanttVBCtl1.Views.Item("NV").TimeLine.TickMarkArea.Visible = False
    ActiveGanttVBCtl1.CurrentView = "NV"
End Sub

You can make days larger on screen if instead of putting "30n" which means 1 pixel = 30 minutes, you put can also make it even bigger by setting it to "15n" or "5n" or any other value.


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