A Gantt Chart Daily Schedule
Date:3/1/2009 11:42:27 PM
Product:ActiveGanttCSN Gantt Chart / Scheduler Component
Framework:.Net Framework 1.0
User's Development Environment:C# Visual Studio 2008
Subject:Request a sample showing a daily schedule for potential customer

I'm interested in showing a daily schedule like you have in your TV programming chart sample, but a little different. I will describe what I am looking for and want to know if you can confirm how simple this will be. I expect you to say, just a few hours or a couple days. Actually, I'd like you to send me a sample screen shot of what you think I am asking for. I am flexible and need to know if you have requirements for the data back-end architecture from a SQL database. Is a web service or data connection work best with your product? Can your technical support also cover providing initial code to get me mostly there? Is there a fee beyond the product license?

1 - Names down the left column, not channels

2 - Not all time blocks will be full (has sparse data), but there should not be overlaps as that would be a data entry error that I would like to flag

3 - Each time period would have three colors: blue for prep, green for active, and yellow for release

4 - Hover over -or- click on an event needs to show data, either popup or data fields below control (i.m flexible). This will be details of case #, prep start, active start, active end, release end times, and some details.

5 - Some events are associated with each other, so it would be helpful to highlight on mouse over or list below control all tasks with the same case #.



What we recommend you do is have a look at the Access example included in the ActiveGanttVC demo. Medical.mdb, it basically shows how an ActiveGantt control can interconnect with a database dynamically. We will however include a database example for ActiveGanttVB, ActiveGanttVC, ActiveGanttVBN and ActiveGanttCSN.

There is a change in how database connections and ResultSets(DataReaders) work in Visual Studio 6 vs. Visual Studio.Net.


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