Snapping Objects in Gantt Chart
Date:1/29/2009 5:42:43 PM
Product:ActiveGanttVB Scheduler Component
Framework:Visual Studio 6.0
User's Development Environment:Visual Basic 6.0
Subject:Sorting/Compressing all tasks in a row

I want to use ActiveGantt to do a production schedule.

How can I re-sort/compress the tasks on a timeline(row?) each time a user drags a task to a new position so that each task is tight against it's neighbor with no empty space (but also respecting non-moving items like breaks?

Also, I'd like the CompleteObjectMove to fire so I can keep the database in sync.



If you take a look at the example in the demo (fProjectManagement01 - Graphical Project Management example) you will find that tasks fit tightly one against each other. This is because the the following code was used:

    ActiveGanttVBCtl1.CurrentViewObject.ClientArea.Grid.Interval = "1m"
    ActiveGanttVBCtl1.CurrentViewObject.ClientArea.Grid.VerticalLines = True
    ActiveGanttVBCtl1.CurrentViewObject.ClientArea.Grid.SnapToGrid = True

The grid.Interval setting can be adjusted so that it fits the level of zoom that you are using (ex: "1d", "1h", etc.) and the Grid.Vertical lines property can also bet set to false.

In order to see a clearer picture of ActiveGantt's ability to comunicate with databases please have a look at the Access database example in ActiveGanttVC (ActiveGanttVC not ActiveGanttVB), all databases (SQL Server, Access, etc.) are handled in much the same way.


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