Global Project Calendar Excluding Non-Working Days
Date:12/22/2008 5:55:32 AM
Product:ActiveGanttVB Scheduler Component
Framework:Visual Studio 6.0
User's Development Environment:Visual Basic 6.0
Subject:Global Project Calendar

We are unsure how to create a global project calendar so we can set days to exclude from the working period. i.e. Exclude Sat / Sun and public holidays.

Do you have an VB6 or ASP example or a an outline on how to approach this feature.



You can use TimeBlock objects with the GenerateConflict property set to true. This will prevent any task or milestone to be included inside a timeblock.

If you want create a style for the TimeBlock objects:

    ActiveGanttVBCtl1.Styles.Add "TimeBlocks"
    ActiveGanttVBCtl1.Styles.Item("TimeBlocks").Appearance = E_STYLEAPPEARANCE.SA_FLAT
    ActiveGanttVBCtl1.Styles.Item("TimeBlocks").BackColor = RGB(195, 222, 210)
    ActiveGanttVBCtl1.Styles.Item("TimeBlocks").BackgroundPattern = GRE_BACKGROUNDPATTERN.FP_SOLID

Then create the timeblocks themselves:

    ActiveGanttVBCtl1.TimeBlocks.Add NewDate(1, 1, 2009), NewDate(3, 1, 2009), "TB3", "TimeBlocks"
    ActiveGanttVBCtl1.TimeBlocks.Item("TB3").GenerateConflict = True
    ActiveGanttVBCtl1.TimeBlocks.Item("TB3").StartRowIndex = 5
    ActiveGanttVBCtl1.TimeBlocks.Item("TB3").EndRowIndex = 7

StartRowIndex and EndRowIndex can be set as follows to cover the entire schedule:

    ActiveGanttVBCtl1.TimeBlocks.Item("TB1").StartRowIndex = 1
    ActiveGanttVBCtl1.TimeBlocks.Item("TB1").EndRowIndex = ActiveGanttVBCtl1.Rows.Count


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