Trial does not work
Date:10/20/2008 11:39:23 AM
Product:ActiveGanttCSA Gantt Chart / Scheduler Component
Framework:.Net Framework 1.0
User's Development Environment:C# Visual Studio 2008
Subject:Trial doesn't work at all

Our organisation is a long time user of the ActiveGantt component. We've been using the Winform version in VB for about 3 years now and we are now looking to upgrade to an ASP.NET compliant tool. I've downloaded both the C# and VB versions for the 2008 (3.5 framework) Visual Studio and the installed trial doesn't work at all. After installation, the website loads up with an error. I load the solution and hit build and I receive errors. In both cases this is with reference to being unable to find the resources such as AGVBA and XXTRxxxx etc. We've noticed that the website has only recently been updated and claims that the code should work with Visual Studio 2008 have surprised and pleased us. However, if we can't even get a simple trial version to work, we won't be able to determine if purchasing a new licence will be an appropriate action.



We have a fault in our automated build process for version The installation program is not copying the version dlls (ActiveGanttVBA.dll and XTTreeviewVBA.dll or ActiveGanttCSA.dll and XTTreeviewCSA.dll) into the bin directory. In order to fix this the files must be manually copied into the bin directory of the Demo or DemoCS application. In our next version 2.7.5 we will make sure that this does not happen.


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