ActiveGantt CSA: Application could destabilize the runtime
Date:5/26/2010 9:02:47 PM
Product:ActiveGanttCSA Gantt Chart / Scheduler Component
Framework:.Net Framework 1.0
User's Development Environment:Visual Basic .Net 2005
Subject:Application Error

I am using the ActiveGanttCSA Scheduler V2.6.5 in 2.0,C#, (Visual Sutdio .net 2005) in a web application. It runs properly when hosted in the local development machine. But when I try to publish it on our web hosting server I get the following error:

Our hosting server uses medium trust. Please give me some information on how I can solve this problem.



You are trying to use a .net framework 1.0 control on a web hosting server with medium trust and that uses version 2.0 (.net framework 2.0). On the ASP.Net website they have a thread that explains the problem:

"We saw this back towards the end of Whidbey for a case where 1.1 DLLs were being used in an ASP.NET 2.0 app. Apparently the 1.1 compilers for C#/VB.NET had some boundary cases with the IL they emitted. In 2.0 there were low-level changes in the CLR that made some 1.1 code unverifiable - which leads to the exception you are seeing. Unfortunately I can't claim to understand what it was the CLR changed - I just know we saw it...."

"...In our specific case it was a problem with a C# switch statement that had more than 8 conditions."

The full thread can be seen here:

The DateTimeAdd function in ActiveGanttCSA were the error is being generated has a large switch statement. It runs perfectly in your development computer because it has full trust, but then when you upload it to the server with medium trust it fails.

You have to renew your maintenance so that you can download version 2.8.0 or higher and use the ActiveGanttCSA control for .net framework version 2.0.


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