ActiveGanttVC Install Error
Date:5/14/2010 8:48:00 PM
Product:ActiveGanttVC Gantt Chart / Scheduler Component
Framework:.Net Framework 1.0
User's Development Environment:Visual Basic 6.0
Subject:ActiveGanttVC Install Error

When trying to install ActiveGanttVC I am getting the following error:



Are you using the demo downloaded from the website or an older version?

Please make sure that you are downloading from:

We've checked the install program and msxml4a.dll is listed as vsdrfDoNotRegister, furthermore msxml4a.dll is now being installed in the Windows\System32 folder, the dialog is showing ActiveGanttVC\Common\MSXML4 which no longer exists in the install program. Also the dialog is for version 2.7.9 which was a Beta version.

Please give us some feedback on this issue.


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