Printing the Gantt Chart in conjunction with the Treeview
Date:6/30/2009 5:25:07 AM
Product:ActiveGanttVB Scheduler Component
Framework:Visual Studio 6.0
User's Development Environment:Visual Basic 6.0
Subject:how to print ActiveGanttChart when used with XTTreeview

A few years ago we purchased ActiveGanttVB Scheduler Component version 2.6.0 which came with XTTreeview component. We have successfully used the Gantt chart component in conjunction with the tree component for our needs and we now need to be able to print the Gantt chart with the tree on the left side. In the sample AGVBDemo project there is sample code to print the Gantt chart itself. The fProjectManagement03 form which is the only one using the Gantt chart with the treeview does not include sample print code. Could you please provide us sample code of how to print fProjectManagement03 which combines ActiveGanttVB t with XTTreeview?



Although it is not impossible it would take a great amount of coding to achieve this.

From version 2.8.0 onwards we have integrated the XTTreeview control into ActiveGantt, in all versions, and this is no longer an issue.


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