Current Date/Time in the Gantt Chart
Date:12/6/2008 7:21:55 PM
Product:ActiveGanttCSN Gantt Chart / Scheduler Component
Framework:.Net Framework 1.0
User's Development Environment:C# Visual Studio 2008
Subject:Current Date/Time on the chart

Is it possible to always display the current date/time on the chart.

The little red marker that get's displayes, and how can I update it on every second, plus how can I keep the chart always showing the little red marker, even when doing the zoom.




To show the Progress Line marking the current date time you have to use this code:

activeGanttCSNCtl1.CurrentViewObject.TimeLine.ProgressLine.LineType = AGCSN.E_PROGRESSLINETYPE.TLMT_USER;
activeGanttCSNCtl1.CurrentViewObject.TimeLine.ProgressLine.Position = DateTime.Now;
activeGanttCSNCtl1.CurrentViewObject.TimeLine.ProgressLine.Length = AGCSN.E_PROGRESSLINELENGTH.TLMA_BOTH;

In order to position the current date/time on the chart you have to use this code, even when zooming (in this example the timeline starts a month before using the DateTimeAdd function so that the progressline is visible):

activeGanttCSNCtl1.CurrentViewObject.TimeLine.ScrollBar.StartDate = DateTimeAdd("m", -1, DateTime.Now);
activeGanttCSNCtl1.CurrentViewObject.TimeLine.ScrollBar.Interval = "1d";
activeGanttCSNCtl1.CurrentViewObject.TimeLine.ScrollBar.SmallChange = 1;
activeGanttCSNCtl1.CurrentViewObject.TimeLine.ScrollBar.LargeChange = 10;
activeGanttCSNCtl1.CurrentViewObject.TimeLine.ScrollBar.Max = 400;
activeGanttCSNCtl1.CurrentViewObject.TimeLine.ScrollBar.Enabled = true;
activeGanttCSNCtl1.CurrentViewObject.TimeLine.ScrollBar.Visible = true;

The DateTimeAdd Function used above could be as follows:

private DateTime DateTimeAdd(String Interval, int Number, DateTime dtDate)
    DateTime dtBuff; 
    dtBuff = new DateTime(dtDate.Year, dtDate.Month, dtDate.Day, dtDate.Hour, dtDate.Minute, dtDate.Second);
    switch (Interval)
        case "s":
            return dtBuff.AddSeconds(Number);
        case "n":
            return dtBuff.AddMinutes(Number);
        case "h":
            return dtBuff.AddHours(Number);
        case "d":
            return dtBuff.AddDays(Number);
        case "w":
            return dtBuff.AddDays(Number);
        case "y":
            return dtBuff.AddDays(Number);
        case "ww":
            return dtBuff.AddDays(Number * 7);
        case "m":
            return dtBuff.AddMonths(Number);
        case "q":
            return dtBuff.AddMonths(Number * 3);
        case "yyyy":
            return dtBuff.AddYears(Number);
            return dtBuff;

and to update it every second you use a timer:

Timer myTimer = new Timer();
myTimer.Elapsed += new ElapsedEventHandler( DisplayTimeEvent );
myTimer.Interval = 1000;

And in the elapsed event handler the following code:

public static void DisplayTimeEvent( object source, ElapsedEventArgs e )
      activeGanttCSNCtl1.CurrentViewObject.TimeLine.ProgressLine.Position = DateTime.Now;


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