Scrolling Problem in the web version of the Gantt Chart
Date:10/16/2008 4:26:00 AM
Product:ActiveGanttVBA Gantt Chart / Scheduler Component
Framework:.Net Framework 1.0
User's Development Environment:Visual Basic .Net 2002
Subject:ActiveGanttVBA Bug

Ive just downloaded your demo for ActiveGanttVBA Scheduler Component - ASP.Net Web Server Component (Visual Basic.Net), when I run a demo it just creates an BMP of the chart and im not able to scroll on it? Is this correct? I’ve look at all the code in your fProjectManagement01.aspx and changing AddRowTitle("K1", "Test Systems Integration", True), doesn’t change the image.

So im not sure I have a version that’s working correctly, originally I got an error when I ran your demo and raised a support call, Bug Report 17. I fixed the error by moving the all DLL’s to the bin folder and now I get a working virtual dir but it just shows this image.

I need to see a working version so I know exactly what functionality im getting.



The ActiveGanttVBA control is an image, but it’s a clickable image. If you need something more dynamic you can always use ActiveGanttVC an ActiveX control that you can embed into a web page. We are also working on a version of this control in AJAX, WPF and WPF/E, this of course only for ASP.Net 2.0 and higher. We currently have six different ActiveGantt controls, but with these new additions we will have twelve. Any license you purchase will entitle you to all six controls + the other six as soon as they are released.

All demo versions are exactly the same as the registered versions except for nag screens (which will be eliminated in version 2.7.5 in favor of a Demo Version notice). They are not crippled in any way and do not have expiration dates. We will be publishing version 2.7.5 which will fix some bugs, especially with regards to scrollbars.


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