ActiveGantt Version 2.8.9 has been released.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ActiveGantt version 2.8.9 has been released. Version 2.8.9 features a new DateTime class capable of nanosecond accuracy.

For more information on this release read the Programming Language / Technology version release notes:

ActiveGanttVBN version 2.8.9

ActiveGanttCSN version 2.8.9

ActiveGanttVBA version 2.8.9

ActiveGanttCSA version 2.8.9

ActiveGanttVC version 2.8.9

ActiveGanttVBW version 2.8.9

ActiveGanttCSW version 2.8.9

ActiveGanttVBE version 2.8.9

ActiveGanttCSE version 2.8.9

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