2011.9.16 :: Getting Started with the ActiveGanttVBN Gantt Chart Scheduler Component. A complete tutorial that describes how to get started with the ActiveGanttVBN Component. It covers installing the component, as well as creating a very simple Windows Forms application with ActiveGanttVBN.

2010.10.22 :: Special Installation Instructions for the ActiveGanttVBA & ActiveGanttCSA Gantt Scheduler Components. When installing ActiveGanttVBA or ActiveGanttCSA on newer Windows operating systems you might get the following error: "You do not have sufficient privileges to complete this installation for all users of the machine. Log on as administrator and then retry this installation". This article explains how to circumvent the error.

2010.5.23 :: A free Graphical User Interface for the Regsvr32 utility.. Windows has always lacked a graphical user interface for the Regsvr32 program. Although this is not a problem with the vast majority of Windows end-users, it is of great concern to us developers who have to struggle with the omnipresent "Dll Hell", when developing ActiveX controls. We've created a free C++ (MFC) utilty that allows you to register and unregister components using a graphical interface.

2010.5.18 :: A Hatch Drawing Brush for WPF in Visual Basic.Net. WPF lacks the implementation of a class similar to the System.Drawing.HatchBrush that was present in Windows Forms. This Visual Basic .Net code shows you how to implement your own Hatch Drawing Class in WPF.

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