Special Installation Instructions for the ActiveGanttVBA & ActiveGanttCSA Components with SQL Server CE 4.0 (Version 2.9.8 and higher)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

ActiveGanttVBA and ActiveGanttCSA no longer require the "Install as Administrator" elevated script when running the install program. But they do require permissions to be configured for the ActiveGanttExamples.sdf SQL Server CE 4.0 database after they have been successfully installed. This database is located in the App_Data folder.

When the App_Data folder is not configured correctly, ActiveGanttVBA and ActiveGanttCSA will generate the following error:

The Car Rental / Fleet Control and WBS Project examples collect their data from the ActiveGanttExamples.sdf file.

To correctly configure permissions for this folder you must navigate to the install location of the App_Data folder using windows explorer.

In a default install for ActiveGanttVBA it is located in:

%ProgramFiles%The Source Code Store LLC\[ActiveGanttVBA Version]\AGVBACON\

And in a default install for ActiveGanttCSA it is located in:

%ProgramFiles%The Source Code Store LLC\[ActiveGanttCSA Version]\AGCSACON\

Right click on the App_Data folder.

Select Properties from the drop down menu.

Select the Security tab and click on the Edit button.

Select the group Users/[Your Machine's Name] click on the Full Control option and click on OK to exit both dialogs.

The SQL Server CE examples will now have access to the App_Data folder.


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