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As soon as your order is processed you will receive the username/password combination that you can use to retrieve the source code from our secure web location. This username/password combination will be valid for a year.

SKU Description Price (USD)
AGLCSUUSC0000 ActiveGantt Master Suite Source Code (ActiveGanttVC and VBN,CSN,VBA,CSA,VBW,CSW,VBE,CSE)* 980
AGLCCUUSC0000 ActiveGantt WPF Source Code (ActiveGanttVBW and ActiveGanttCSW)* 480
AGLCAUUSC0000 ActiveGantt Windows Forms Source Code (ActiveGanttVBN and ActiveGanttCSN)* 470
AGLCDUUSC0000 ActiveGantt Silverlight Source Code (ActiveGanttVBE and ActiveGanttCSE)* 370
AGLCBUUSC0000 ActiveGantt ASP.NET Source Code (ActiveGanttVBA and ActiveGanttCSA)* 280

*Source Code Licenses do NOT include support. You must comply with our Source Code EULA.

Technical Support:

Contact when ordering technical support. All technical support must be prepaid. Existing customers (customers who have purchased our products before April 1st, 2014) do not have to pay for technical support as long as their license is still valid.

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